Tablets and Photography

January 25th, 2010

2010 is going the be the year of the tablet.
Pumped by the success of the Kindle and the expanding market of EBooks, manufacturers are scrambling to flood the market with tablets. Its only the first month of the new year and the blogosphere is already clogged with tablets, couriers and slates. Steve Balmer recently unveiled the HP Slate and wednesday Apple is expected to announce their much awaited ISlate. Android tablets are hatching left and right, and rumor has it that Microsoft has another device, the “courier” slated for release in the near futuer.

I am photography addict, but I have been following these developments with great enthusiasm. Why? Simple. The tablets are going to be a super portable device, running atleast in the case of the HP Slate a full blown operating system (windows 7), quite possibly with USB ports and the ability to install 3rd party software.

Imagine tethering your camera to a 10inch portable lcd screen with a built in processor. You won’t have to care about a built in articulating screen, or a separate wireless module. It will take using live view to take a photo to a different level. A 10x zoom on a 10 inch screen will let you focus spot on. Macro photographers will love being able to shoot tethered with a tablet, it will at the very least be much easier on their back. No more hunching over while taking pics of little critters.

Timelapses, timed shooting will no longer require additional hardware, the tablet can do those minor time based calculations without breaking a sweat. The hard drive on these will probably not be too large, but it will be enough to backup those critical few photos on the field.

Laptops have been around for decades and netbooks for the last few years, both devices capable of doing anything that the tablet can possibly do, so why will this device be any different. Simple, it will be more convenient to take on the field and it will have a better battery life than a netbook or a laptop. It will be easier to slip into your bag than a netbook and I am hoping as they want to tread into the E-Reader market with these devices, that their visibility in bright sunlight will be much better than traditional LCDs.

All the rumors, atleast from Apple’s end will come to and end when they make the official announcement on Wednesday, and I am anticipating the year of the tablets with great hope!

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Fox Dive

May 16th, 2009

from 0:27 to 0:32 is just unbelievable. The fox floats through the air and slides into the snow like a hot knife into butter. The grace and beauty is just mesmerizing,

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Another awesome timelapse

May 14th, 2009

Timelapse is a great way to pack in large amounts of visual information in a really effective manner. Its often used to document construction projects and display star trails. Then you have certain people who take this simple technique to a whole new level. Check out Christoph Rehage’s awesome documentation of his inspiring trip through China.

Below our some previously featured timelapse videos:

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Go Ahead Get Your Dream Gear

May 12th, 2009

My want list for equipment has crossed way into the 5 digit range, with a big dollar sign in front. House’s thermal imaging camera just went on that list (thats what you get when I watch tv and blog at the same time). I have convinced myself to a certain degree that there are situations where I will absolutely need these pieces of equipments. You can’t go on a trip of a lifetime and not capture it with the best possible gear available. I have the following two possible situation that may happen if I don’t spend all my money on camera equipment:

a) Safari to the Masai Mara in Kenya. Safari = animals = massive tele zoom for those gorgeous wildlife shots.I have my eye on a lens which goes by the nickname Bigma (the sigma 50-500mm) or the Canon wild life lens a.k.a. the 100-400 IS L for this trip.
b) Trek to Patagonia or Snow Lake to shoot the mind blowing panoramas. I would definately need the wide angle view of the Canon 10-22mm. Having a superzoom in my arsenal to capture the first images EVER of snow leopards capturing a prey in its natural habitat would also be a wise choice.

If you have lusted over these lenses, you will know that the choice is pretty clear. Airline ticket or the lens. But there is another option, and it is actually a pretty good option. Rent your dream lens for that dream trip, you get the trip and the lens without compromising too much. The lens rental won’t be free and yes you will have to return it, but it would be a fraction of the cost. Following is a list of websites that will let you rent most lenses from the comfort of your couch.

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Updated Portfolio

May 10th, 2009

Today is a day for shameless self promotion. Had a fun day of a full moon hike last night. Unfortunately it was completely overcast so no full moon was seen. Nevertheless I did end up getting some great shots of a mamma spider carrying her eggs and marshmallows roasting in the fire. Today while recovering from the excursion I decided that my portfolio was looking a little bare!

Click here to view the complete portfolio »

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Forget DSLR I want a TyphoonHD4

May 8th, 2009

Please make sure not to drool too much after seeing the above video, because your jaw will drop. Before you get in your car to drive to the nearest camera store, know this, the the Typhoon costs around a 100 grand. That is about a hundred dollars per frame per second (yah I have been finding ways of justifying the purchase). You read it right this machine can do a 1280 x 1024 resolution video at 1000fps. At least that’s what a stock one of these cameras’ can do. The BBC has souped up their camera (their version of The Fast and the Furious), and have kept a tight lid on their upgrades. Keep an eye out for the BBC documentary South Pacific for more insane footage.

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The Falcon and the Snake

May 6th, 2009

The Falcon – SOOC, originally uploaded by Exploring Earth.

There are somethings you can’t fake in a studio. For all those who doubt the moon landing, try and fake this!
According to Exploring Earth (the photographer)
” I Was crouched and he flew right over my head with this snake!! I was walking into the baylands to test out the 70-300mm and I spot this falcon on the ground. I creep up to within about 20 feet and start clickin off shots. He’s just kinda sittin there lookin at me. As I move in closer he takes off so I pan frantically through the viewfinder and start snapping shots and OMG this is what he had in his talon! ”

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Congratulations its a girl!

May 5th, 2009

A near perfect frozen Baby Mammoth has surfaced after 40,000 years. Missing only toenails, part of her tail, most of her hair and her right ear, this mini giant was named after the wife of the Reindeer herder Yuri Khudi who found her. I wonder how his wife feels about being named after a creature which can reach an adult weight of 6 tons.

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Is that a lens in your 16 wheeler, or are you happy to see me

May 4th, 2009

This optical monster provides a whopping 1700mm f/4. Weighing in at a 256 kg, its safe to say that this lens is not for hand holding. This one of a kind was reportedly built for a wealthy Qatari to be used for antelope photography. And I thought my camera equipment spending was getting a little out of control :P.

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This is what dreams are made of…

May 2nd, 2009

Joshua Hoffline’s depiction of childhood nightmares. Atleast the generic nightmares :P. When I was a kid I thought that snakes could change form into any object they wanted. I think there is a bad bollywood movie to blame for this.

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