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Go Ahead Get Your Dream Gear


My want list for equipment has crossed way into the 5 digit range, with a big dollar sign in front. House’s thermal imaging camera just went on that list (thats what you get when I watch tv and blog at the same time). I have convinced myself to a certain degree that there are situations where I will absolutely need these pieces of equipments. You can’t go on a trip of a lifetime and not capture it with the best possible gear available. I have the following two possible situation that may happen if I don’t spend all my money on camera equipment:

a) Safari to the Masai Mara in Kenya. Safari = animals = massive tele zoom for those gorgeous wildlife shots.I have my eye on a lens which goes by the nickname Bigma (the sigma 50-500mm) or the Canon wild life lens a.k.a. the 100-400 IS L for this trip.
b) Trek to Patagonia or Snow Lake to shoot the mind blowing panoramas. I would definately need the wide angle view of the Canon 10-22mm. Having a superzoom in my arsenal to capture the first images EVER of snow leopards capturing a prey in its natural habitat would also be a wise choice.

If you have lusted over these lenses, you will know that the choice is pretty clear. Airline ticket or the lens. But there is another option, and it is actually a pretty good option. Rent your dream lens for that dream trip, you get the trip and the lens without compromising too much. The lens rental won’t be free and yes you will have to return it, but it would be a fraction of the cost. Following is a list of websites that will let you rent most lenses from the comfort of your couch.

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